Positive Pawprint

At Cootes Vets we care every day - for animals, our clients, our colleagues, and for a better environment.

We believe a sustainable approach to what we do is who we are.

For us, transforming how we do things to embed sustainability is an exciting challenge. It may not be easy, and we do not have all the answers yet. But it will force us to think differently, and to innovate.

Our Positive Pawprint strategy is the tool that helps us to do this. Our strategy is based on three pillars, People, Planet and Patients. Here are some examples of what we do around each pillar.

Caring for People:

  • Two trained Mental Health First Aiders
  • Support careers events at local school
  • Performance appraisals for all staff

Caring for Planet:

  • Switched to BD Emerald syringe which uses 30% less plastic
  • Reducing waste with reusable surgical caps, reusable scrub brushes, using old fluid lines used as ET tube ties, and more
  • Responsible use of parasiticides
  • Use digital forms to avoid printing

Caring for Patients:

  • Regular QI reviews at team meetings
  • IPC Ambassador appointed
  • Designed antibiotic steward and guidance posters
  • Fear-free training