Meet the Team

Meet the caring and friendly Cootes team based in West Sussex

Specialists at Cootes

Babis Koffas: Small animal Cardiology Specialist
Babis has been offering referral services for small animals with cardiorespiratory disease in the South East of England and London area since 2007 and comes to Cootes to scan your pet should they need one.

He has published widely and presented and lectured nationally and internationally. Babis enjoys all aspects of small animal cardiorespiratory medicine and has a particular interest in interventional cardiology.  

Andrew Denning: Ultrasound Specialist
Andrew provides a diagnostic imaging referral service here at Cootes veterinary clinic so you can have a specialist scan right here without having to travel.

He will ultrasound scan and make a report and will often also take biopsies to further investigate any issues your dog or can may be having. He also provides a radiology interpretation service so we are able to get specialist advice on x-rays taken here by the lovely Cootes team. He is one of only a handful of recognised Diagnostic imaging specialists in England.

Elise Robertson: Feline Specific Diplomat and Endoscopy Referral Service
Elise is a specialist in endoscopy and endosurgery. She provides this specialist service to Cootes so your pet can have their procedure right here without having to go elsewhere, she is a highly qualified specialist with connections globally from Singapore to Colorado. She can place an endoscope and look at your pet internally and also take biopsies of tissue if needed for further analysis.