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About Us

Learn more about Cootes Veterinary Clinic in Burgess Hill

Welcome to Cootes Veterinary Clinic

Cootes is an award winning practice and we take pride in everything we do. Your pets become part of our family. We pride ourselves in caring for our community. Visit our Caring for our Community page to learn more about what we do.

We are based in Burgess Hill and we have a team of highly experienced vets and nurses who will give the highest quality of care to your pets - we love what we do. 

We have a spacious clinic with a large reception and waiting area, plus a large dedicated car park right outside our door with plenty of parking spaces.

Meet the Team

Ros - Veterinary Surgeon


Ros B.Vet.Med MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Laurel - Veterinary Surgeon


Laurel BVSc MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon
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Mary Rose - Head Veterinary Nurse

Mary Rose

Mary Rose HRVN Head Veterinary Nurse
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We are a Cat Friendly Clinic

We are an ISFM accredited cat friendly clinic.

ISFM is short for International Society of Feline Medicine and Cat Friendly Clinic is a worldwide programme from the ISFM, the veterinary division of International Cat Care.

We recognise that because of their unique nature and needs, taking a cat to a veterinary clinic can be very stressful, both for the cat and also the owner. The Cat Friendly Clinic programme is designed to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics and so reducing the stress for the cat, and making veterinary visits easier for cat owners as well. 


  • Consultation Rooms
  • Kennel Area
  • Large Reception
  • Laboratory
  • Diagnostics
  • Theatre
  • Car Park

Consultation Rooms

Consultation Rooms

We have two spacious and light consultation rooms fully equipped to take the best care of your pet(s).

Our consultation rooms have easy access for you and your pet(s) to come and visit us, most of our client's pets bounce in there happily each time!

Kennel Area

Kennel Area

Our kennel room is warm, with spacious kennels. This is where the animals go when they are waiting for surgery, waking up from surgery or being monitored by one of our vet nurses. This room is quiet and has lots of natural daylight so that your pets have minimal stress when staying with us.

The kennels are made from stainless steel which makes them very easy to keep clean. The kennels are also specially designed so that the patients cannot see each other, therefore reducing stress and meaning they can be cared for peacefully.

We have everything they will need from warm bedding, heated blankets, warm air recovery blankets to food and cuddles.

Large Reception

Large Reception

Our reception
Here at Cootes we take pride in our customer service and guidance. We will help wherever we possibly can, and you are always more than welcome to come in and have a friendly chat or bring your pet(s) in to say hello to us all and make sure that their visit to the vets is always an enjoyable one.

Waiting area
Our reception staff are always here to greet you and your pets  and our waiting area is spacious and informative. We often have several competitions going on for you to take part in, as well as informative leaflets and newsletters to read whilst you wait.

The waiting area also has a dog weighing scale, that you can come in to use at any time to weigh your dog, and keep track of their condition.

We also have separate Dog and Cat waiting areas which helps make their trip to see us as  stress free as possible.

We have a selection of toys, treats and training/safety products available for you to purchase whilst you are here or popping by & our treat bowl is never empty so that coming to the vets is always an enjoyable experience for them.

Cat Friendly Clinic
We are an accredited International Society of Feline Medicine cat friendly clinic, with a separate waiting area especially for cat owners. There is a cat basket stand in this area too so that cats are out of the way of any other patients coming through and can see everything going on from the safety of above ground.



In our laboratory, we have up to date modern blood analysers. This means we can give you same day results for blood tests run here at the clinic. We also have a microscope which means we can look at cell samples from blood, skin and urine samples as well as carry out urine analysis in clinic.



Here at Cootes we have our own modern blood and urine testing machines so we can test the majority of samples in house, which is quicker for owners to receive the results and discuss plans for the future.
If there are any tests we cannot do in house, we send them off to the laboratories with a quick turnaround time so you can see exactly what is going on with your pet. We have our own digital x-ray system and ultrasound scanner as well as specialist eye equipment such as a slit lamp and tono pen. We often have a specialist in endoscopy come to our clinic who can carry out endoscopic procedures and take biopsies here, as well as a digital dental x-ray facility on site.



About our prep room
Our prep room is spacious and fully equipped for the care of your pet before a procedure. In prep room we can carry out minor surgical procedures, ultrasound scans, dental procedures, endoscopy as well as taking dental x-rays and digital x-rays. In here we also take blood pressure readings, ECG, place intravenous catheters for surgery, take blood samples and anaesthetise animals ready for their operation. We will often prep your pet  in this room for surgery; clipping the fur and cleaning the area before we transfer them into theatre. We have oxygen available for emergencies and an anaesthetic machine.

We often have veterinary specialists come to the practice to carry out specialized ultrasound scans and endoscopy procedures which we carry out in prep room.

About our theatre room
Our sterile theatre is spacious and fully equipped for procedures your pet may need. It is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each procedure to maintain sterility to the highest standards and deep cleans are regularly performed.

We also have specialist vets come to the practice who carry out orthopaedic procedures so you don't have to travel elsewhere.

Car Park

Car Park

We have a dedicated car park so that you don't have to worry about parking and don't have far to walk. 

This is ideal in emergency cases, elderly pets or heavy cat baskets as you can pull your car up right to the front door without worrying about other traffic.